We provide Transportation Of Aggregates

We provide Transportation of Aggregates across the Tanzania

For any construction company around the world, aggregates are one of the most essential materials. Varying in shapes and sizes, aggregates have distinct transportation needs. As a construction Company, your goal is to safely receive your aggregates on time and every time. At Mighty our goal is to help you meet yours.

As a leading aggregate supplier in Tanzania, Mighty offers top-of-the-line aggregate transportation services to its clients. We have a daily supplycapacity of delivering 3,500 tons of crusher material from Lugoba to Dar es Salaam Per Day. Further we facilitate our clients with the most efficient and logical support solution to lower the cost.

Our truck drivers are well-trained and highly reliable with a proven track record. The logistics management team at Mighty briefs the truck drivers about each assignment before they are executed and are subjected to detailed review post-delivery, ensuring best services to our clients. Trust us to help you grow by optimizing your aggregates supply efficiency with on time and reliable delivery.

"My shipment was picked up and delivered with excellent service! Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results. Will definitely use this service again."

Fiona Linchin
CEO, Nyrato LTD

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